Forming Ridges machine series SWB

The machine is used for shaping redlin and the beds (SWB-4/Z) and simultaneous sowing of vegetable root type of carrot, parsley, radicchio, etc. Coulters overlook the Earth and the active spool roller forms drops, giving them an appropriate structure. Thanks to the unique method of mounting the spool roller (suspension spring), the device remains in constant contact with the soil and, in addition, there is the possibility of adjustment of thrust depending on the structure of the soil. In brackets vide-ridge version machine data .

Technical parameters:    
-the quantity of redlin 2 4 (2)
-width redliny (adjustable) [mm] 250 250 (1000)
-height drops [mm] 200 200
-wheelbase redlin [mm] 650-725 650-725
-overall width [mm] 1700 3100
-overall length [mm] 1500 1500
-total height [mm] 1200 1200
-capacity [ha/h] 0,5 1.0
-power demand [HP] 45 85

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