Weight automatic SKALS type AM-322/2

The belt feeds vegetables to hooper with scale. Before the preset weight is reached, the speed of transporting belt is half reduce to increase weighing accuracy. When set weight is achieved machine stops and waits for signal from operator. The sack is held under the outlet and as soon as hopper is empty, a new filling of the hopper is started.

An automatic tare system at each weighing ensures compensation of dirt in the weighing hopper. Machine can be equipped with additional extras as sewing and bagging unit.

There is also version AM 422 with 2 feeding belts for round vegetables like potatoes or onion.

echnical parameters:

-the zasypu [mm] 810
-height of the output [mm] 880
-overall width 675
-overall length 2350
-total height 2280
-performance for a dose of 0.2 [t/h] 1
-for the delivery of 25 kg [t/h] 6
-installed power [kW] 0,46
-power supply [V] 400

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