Celery cleaner type CS-1

Machine is apropriate for prepeeling of celery for processing. It picks some green leaves and partly cleans from soil.Main working parts are special steel rolls with rubber boards, which rotare with high speed. Over it, there is screw conveyor with speed regulation, what assures proper adjustment to celery dirty degrees.

All wastes pass under machine, e.g. on transportation belt ( not included )

Technical parameters:

-total length 3090 [mm]
-total width 1170 [mm]
-total height 2150 [mm]
-inlet height 2050 [mm]
-outlet height 1000 [mm]
-the length of the working 1990 [mm]
-max. efficiency 4,0 [t/h]
-installed power 4,55 [kW]
-voltage 400 [V]


TESTS Celery Cleaner (30-11-2006)

In the last days of November, on p. Artur Siejki from Łowicz, we did tests celery cleaner ribbed intended for processing. The results unless expands not only p. Arthur, but also our …

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