Stone Separator type SKW-1

The machine separates stones and preliminary washes potatos. Passing the potatoes directly to water basin guarantees no mechanical damages. Directed water whirl made by propells screw makes potatos passing onto main belt, the stone gravitally drops on the other belt.

Over main belt additional sprinkles for fresh water ( on demand ).

The speed of propeller and main belt regulated with frequency modulators.

Technical parameters:  
-working width 900 [mm]
-intel height 1600 [mm]
-outlet height  [adjustable] 1700 [mm]
-basin water volume 1.2 [m³]
-total width 2800 [mm]
-total length 3700 [mm]
-total height 2100 [mm]
-max efficiency 10-12 [t/h]
-installed power 7,55 [kW]
-voltage 400 [V]

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