Dosing Hopper, series ZD

Machine is designet for unloading bins from bin tippers or fork-lift swivel and dosing onto technological lines. The structure of machine allows loading from three sides hopper. Dismantled extra bands for lowering the inlet level. Machine is equipped with regulation of the belts speed for increasing the efficiency of line. In standart web belts are used, for order also different kinds available.

Technical data:      
Type   ZD-1   ZD-2    ZD-3
-total dimensions      
width [mm]   1580   1880   2180
length [mm]   2500   2800   3100
height [mm]   1860   1860   1860
-intel height [mm]   1200   1350   1500
-intel height with extra bands [mm]   1500   1650   1800
-installed power [kW]   0,75   0,75   1.1
- rheight regulation range height [mm]   +/-150  
-height of landing [mm]   1500  
-the length of the belt [mm]   1800  
-working width  [mm]   400  
-tape speed [m/s]   0,05-0,20  

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