Unloading Bunker type of KPR

The device receives the vegetables with the trailers for unloading side and give them for further processing, for example. by conveyor batching. Depending on the version may be equipped with hydraulically adjustable side side to adjust the height of the landing to the height of the trailer. Tape przenośnikowa rubber or with elements of steel, featuring bezstopniową adjustable speed. The device, made by individual order customers.

echnical parameters:    
TYPE KPR-1.8/5.5/0.6 KPR-2.7/8.5/1
-width Strip [mm] 600 1000
-height of landing [mm] 300 300
-height (at side) [mm] 1100 1100
-overall width [mm] 1800 2700
-overall length [mm] 5500 8500
-total height [mm] 1100 1300
-volume [m3] 3,0 8.0
-installed power [kW] 3.5 5.5
-voltage [V] 400 400

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