Shaking machine for sour cherries and plums type OSA-1

Purpose: to mechanical harvesting stone fruit in cases or to the skrzyniopalet and odwiewania of the leaves.

The device consists of a conveyor, zwijarki screens chwytnych (tarpaulin covers) and the fan odwiewającego. Otrząsane fruits are falling on the screen chwytny then by the collapse of the screen by the engine hydraulic fruits are transported on a conveyor which moves them to the odwiewarki, where the list is removed and other pollution, and clean fruits are addressed to mailboxes or skrzyniopalet on hydraulic opuszczanej platform with roller trigger. length x width x height of the machine-9250 x 1800 x 2250 length x width of screen-5100 x 5000/screen split in half/ the accuracy of collection-over 98% power demand-min. tractor class 6kN (20 kW)


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