Harvester to harvest currants AREK-3 type KPC-3

Purpose: a collection of currants, black, red, and gooseberries and chokeberry.

Use of the harvester «AREK-3 gives you many benefits such as: simplification of the harvest, the reduction of inputs of labour, reduce the time of harvest, the use of optimal time of harvest and odszypułkowanie fruit. All-rounder „Arek 3″ allows you to collect also the gooseberries and currants in young plantations. All-rounder „Arek 3″ is a machine to a set of half of the order (i.e., that the set of fruit from the whole row will be after you ride.

Technical parameters:    

-length transport

-4800 mm
-the length of the working -5800 mm
-width -2350 mm
-height -2100 mm
-drive (class) -6 kN
-speed (aronia) -(0,6) 1.3 km/h
-performance workstation -approximately 0,1 ha/h
-accuracy of collection -above 90%
-drive work items -hydraulic
-adjustment of work items -bezstopniowa
-mass -1600 kg

Equipment options:

  • axle torsion spring stiffness, control and power of the hydraulics of the tractor,
  • the snap-in to the collection in insulated containers-a special platform with rollovers, rolkowymi
  • Special column head otrząsacza of the „fingers” of the plastic,
  • Special, reinforced headto a set of chokeberry,
  • the chokeberry: snap-in workująca (the handle on the bags)

Changes in version 2011:

  • sunshine head otrząsających -coated,
  • zabieraki and switching the tape from stainless steel,
  • separate adjustmentof each otrząsaczy,
  • fluid: controls frequency work heads to the scale of the comparative

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