Pneumatic secateurs series SP

Purpose: selective cutting of trees in orchards and bushes on the plantations blackcurrants, raspberries and vine. Secateurs may be endowed with the strength of sprężarkowego, with the team preparing the air (equipment produced by our plant), possibly with a different installation of compressed air to the availability of adequate lubrication sekatora …

Pruning shears is sold with the hose length 0.5 m ending push-end that allows quick and easy connection or disconnection with the installation of the compressed air. Hedge cutters are manufactured also in version prolonged: 0,5; 1 m.

the pressure of work 0,7 to 1,0 MPa (7 to 10 atm)  
need air 0,8 l/1 *
the mass of the 0,8 kg

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