For horticulture

In accordance with the adopted strategy, in July 2005 objęliśmy rights ownership, Establishment of mechanization of agriculture and Horticulture FUMOS SP. z o.o. in Skierniewice, once the unit is implementing new technologies at both the institutes of Skierniewickich. Thus, our current range of production (equipment for warzywnictwa) has also developed a machine to Orchard. Worth highlighting is the fact that the acquis FUMOS-u remained in the hands of Polish entrepreneurs „industry”, which in the wake of the sale of the home of capital and production potential, is currently rare.

We manufacture most of the developed where machinery for sector sadowniczego, in particular the most well-known brand-the harvester took to currants ARK FARMS-3, but also other, less popular devices for the horticultural and nursery. Appreciating the huge achievements of company FUMOS, where our opportunities, we want to ensure the sale of spare parts for equipment produced there.


We believe deeply that the change of the owner of the brand, in addition to guarantee the continuation of production FUMOS and the improvement of quality of products and customer service, primarily benefits customers-manufacturers sector sadowniczego.

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