Steel structures

Primary production of the Company are the steelworks, their installation and the complete works:

  • production halls
  • warehouses
  • repositories
  • coolers
  • freezers

and other buildings in which the structure is made of steel, the walls and roof of the tiered or mineral wool.


Elements of steel prior to painting we clean in our blasting machine.

We also have the equipment necessary for the transport and installation of:

  • cranes with a lifting capacity of 25, 20,16, 10 and 4 tons
  • PHM lifts (Mercedes, Volvo, Star)
  • forklifts 3t, 2t
  • tractors
  • self-propelled working platforms
  • mechanical working platforms MPR
  • trucks

Machine park

In company equpement are turning, slotting, milling machines, vertical and horizontal machining envelope to the gears and chain, semi-automatic welders, welding transformers, plasma cutting equipment. Numerous are also machinery for sheet metal processing. We own guillotine shears for cutting sheet metal thickness up to 25mm, the struggle for folding sheet metal bending machines and press brakes, including precision press brake-Belgian company „HACO”. A special machine is a numerically controlled punching Press orbital, swiss company "RASKIN".

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