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About us

The company specializes in two main sectors. The first one is the production of steel structures and Assembly on-site. More than this, the company produces machinery, horticultural machinery «vegetable and machinery for sector production of flowers. In addition to these two basic activities, the company also provides services in the works locksmith, welding, handling and processing of measured. Their experience guarantees the correct and timely performance of the tasks entrusted to us orders.


Primary production of the Company are the steelwork, their Assembly and comprehensive works of hal production, storage, refrigeration, etc. and other buildings in which the structure is made of steel, the walls and roof of the tiered or mineral wool. Elements of steel prior to painting in clean your blasting booth. We also have the equipment necessary for the transport and Assembly construction.


The second industry in which the company specializes SFAMASZ is manufacture of machinery for the sector of horticultural, vegetable, and production of flowers in 1990, started assembling equipment intended ultimately for the audience of Horticulture from across Europe. Our principals are the leaders of the European market as Greefa (lines sorting fruit), Potveer whether Allround (equipment for processing the bulbs of flowers and vegetables).



Poland 99-418 Bełchów 47B
TEL./FAX +48 46 836 66 66, 838 67 81

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