Calibration and selection


Roller grader type SW-1

The machine is designed for grading round shape vegetables such as potatoes, onions, beetroots etc.

Working elements are rubber disks on rotating rollers. Adjustment in each sort follows by changing of intervals. The speed rollers steples ...


Roller grader series SR

Calibration of the vegetable root crops on 17-10-100mm or 93mm, in terms of their diameter (potatoes, carrots, celery, beets, etc.). A sorting centre roller stainless steel adjustable track, which rotate simultaneously transfer vegetables to each ...


Roller Inspection Table series PR

Conveyor roller is used for manual selection of pollutants, nadgnitych or damaged vegetables after the process of cleaning or sorting. Part of the working day are rolls of PVC or stainless steel, that move and all vegetables, so an accurate ...


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