Cleaning and trimming


Brush Cleaner type ZS-2

For cleaning of potatos and onion from dirties; with onion it also takes out first, loose hulls.

Root crops are being clean between rotating brush rollers and rubber aprons, with pressing regulation. All wastes passed by funnel under the machine.



Onion topper, OS series

Machine for designed for extracting dried leaves and roots of onion.

Working elements are steel rollers with spiral welded 6mm rod on it.

Between each pair of rollers there is a regulated limit bar for adjusting the length of cutting.

Special ...


Celery Cleaner type CS-2

Machine picks roots and some green leaves from celery and partly from soil.

Main working parts are special rubber fingers on rotary drum, which picks roots.

Over rotating „fingers” drum there is a special screw, which make vegetables ...


Celery cleaner type CS-1

Machine is apropriate for prepeeling of celery for processing. It picks some green leaves and partly cleans from soil.Main working parts are special steel rolls with rubber boards, which rotare with high speed. Over it, there is screw conveyor with ...


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