Unloading and dosage


Unloading Bunker type of KPR

The device receives the vegetables with the trailers for unloading side and give them for further processing, for example. by conveyor batching. Depending on the version may be equipped with hydraulically adjustable side side to adjust the height of ...


Hoppers, series ZCW

Trays are intended for storage of vegetables, root crops before the process of weighing or bagging. Use the device in-line technology allows minimizing undesirable stops working and, thanks to the adjustable throttle, for a specified amount of ...


Dumping conveyor, PPR series

The machine is designed for dumping vegetables (especially potatos and onion) on piles.

Wheels and height adjustments with hand- or electrical winch assures afficient dumping of storage chambers. Depending from version and standart the active part ...


Dosing conveyor series of PD

The machine is designed for vegetables dosing onto weighing and packing machines. It can also use for other purposes, for e.g. for passing waste products from roller tables to the boxes.

Also frequency modulation of the belts speed and wheels are ...


Conveyor, PI series

The device performed according to individual needs of the customer. As the selection can be fitted with lighting over part of the work or the dedicated channel on the waste; at the end of the possible use of workownic. Speed adjustable due and the ...


Dosing Bunker type BD-5

The machine is designed for unloading round vegetables (onion, potato, etc.) from back lift agricultural trailers. The bunker is equipped with spiral soil separator, which is also used as a pregrader. The soil passes out on one transportation belt, ...


Dosing Bunker type BD-3

Machine takes vegetables from the bin tipper and doses it ( with stepless regulation onto line.

The web belt assures preseparation of soil and tiries.

The BD-3 bunker can be assembled with additional soil separator ( PO-1 type) to decrease passing ...


Dosing Bunker type BD-1

The machine is designed for unloading of back-lift trailors and bins.

Stepless regulation of belts speed (frequency modulator) guarantees maximum effciency.

The rubber belt with special V-flaps.

Machine equipped with additional board on the ...


Dosing Hopper, series ZD

Machine is designet for unloading bins from bin tippers or fork-lift swivel and dosing onto technological lines. The structure of machine allows loading from three sides hopper. Dismantled extra bands for lowering the inlet level. Machine is ...


Bin Tipper series WP

Machine is designed for unloading boxes filled with root vegetables. Inserting of boxes with fork-lift or palette-lifter. Machine equipped with hose-break protection, which prevents of inert falling down active part with full box. The structure of ...


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