Harvester to harvest currants AREK-3 type KPC-3

Purpose: a collection of currants, black, red, and gooseberries and chokeberry.

Use of the harvester «AREK-3 gives you many benefits such as: simplification of the harvest, the reduction of inputs of labour, reduce the time of harvest, the ...


Shaking machine for sour cherries and plums type ORZO-3

Purpose: to set of stone fruit, such as cherries, plums, cherries.Otrząsarka consists of the supply system of the hydraulic, vibrator, foot chwytnej and jib strząsającego fruit and two screens chwytowych. Supply system consists of a pump, ...


Shaking machine for sour cherries and plums type OSA-1

Purpose: to mechanical harvesting stone fruit in cases or to the skrzyniopalet and odwiewania of the leaves.

The device consists of a conveyor, zwijarki screens chwytnych (tarpaulin covers) and the fan odwiewającego. Otrząsane fruits are falling ...


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